Frequently Asked Questions.

For skincare products, 3,000 units per unique SKU. For color products such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and cream blushes, 1,000 units per unique SKU.

For product production, it takes 4-6 weeks. Raw material lead-time and shipping are not included.

For packaging production, it takes 45-60 days. Shipping is not included.

All of our formulations are produced in Los Angeles. Primary packaging is manufactured in China, and secondary packaging is manufactured in Los Angeles as well.

We are FDA and ISO certified.

Not only do we offer sustainable and clean formulas, we also offer sustainable packaging through our turnkey services.

For formulas, we offer Sephora Clean, Ulta Clean, Credo Clean formulas on both skincare and color cosmetics. Our formulas are also cruelty-free with vegan options.

For packaging, we offer Post Consumer Recyclable (PCR) and Post Industrial Recyclable (PIR) plastic materials for up to 100%. We are also able to use plant-derived ink for printing.